Around the Circle Again

Week three of the In The Round benefit series was super fun! The evening featured…

140317UCG pic8WEBLiz Chidester. A Virginia native whose tunes have an honest power, whether they’re haunting you or making you laugh out loud. She released a full-band, 14-song album last month!

140317UCG pic5WEBDuck and Goose. They’ve been honing their craft as an indie-folk duo here in Chicago for a few years, and are on their way to putting out a fan-funded full-length. Can’t wait!

140317UCG pic3WEBDaniel Robbins. Lead singer for an electronica band called the Field Recorders. His finger-picking solo work introduces you to a compelling host of struggling characters.


I had played with each of these artists before, or seen them perform. This evening gave us all (and our audience) a chance to hear stories, ask questions, and laugh a lot.

140317UCG pic2WEB140317UCG pic7WEB 140317UCG pic1WEB140317UCG pic6WEBSo far, the Seven Years project has brought in almost $500 for Shifaa at World Relief Chicago. Thanks to these folks who’ve come on board to help launch it, and to those who’ve donated, listened, and shared, and come out to a show. Two more In The Rounds to go!

Also in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be gearing up to share Seven Years on some local college campuses. Stay tuned!

Photos by Candice Conner.



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