Seven Years is officially released!

I’m almost as thrilled make this announcement as I am to be past all the nitty-gritties of getting an EP put together! Now it’s time to get to work on the part I enjoy the most: sharing music, person to person.

During March, fifteen other artists will be joining in to help with the launch. Each Monday night I’ll host three artists for a songwriter circle at Uncommon Ground Devon, and also share songs from this EP. Ninety percent of the cover each night will go to mental health services at World Relief Chicago!

This is a super talented bunch of folks I’ve met over the last couple years while pursuing music in Chicago. They’ve all generously come on board to to contribute to a project that aims to bring healing to people in vulnerable situations. Uncommon Ground does great work providing a platform and cultivating local artists as well.

So all around, you have a lot of good reasons to come out one evening. Hope to see you there!

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