Up and Running


Good news! The mental health program at World Relief Chicago launched about a month ago! Thanks to all for your support through the summer; it’s a privilege to use the songs and stories of Seven Years to buffer these efforts toward healing and restoration.

Program coordinator Rose Malinowski (pictured above) has professional background in social work and public health. She’s worked in various settings, including as a social worker in neonatal intensive care nurseries, visiting homes throughout Chicago for the Visiting Nurse Association, and volunteering with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Saint Mary’s Alaska. Here’s a word from her on the program so far:

I have started mental health screenings for all newly arriving refugees. I have also started facilitating parenting groups in collaboration with the education department, doing two groups on discipline this month and two groups on child development next month. In August, three Wheaton College graduate students in counseling will also begin working with our program.

As the Lord grows this program I see us empowering refugees to heal and grow from the trauma and stress they have experienced before coming to the United States and as part of their adjustment here. I pray we work together as a community to support this healing and growth.


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